Hard hitting transcontinental Old Time and early Bluegrass stringband music.

With roots in Portland, OR and Liverpool England, the Horsenecks play a varied and dynamic mix of American roots music that they bring to life with the high-energy performance of a group of people who love the music they play.  Top-shelf musicianship and a love of the lost art of Old Time music are swiftly making them a well-loved and highly respected staple in the traditional music scenes in the US and the UK. Playing as a duo or a four-piece, multi-instrumentalists Gabrielle Macrae and Barry Southern swap effortlessly between fiddle, banjo, and guitar, and round the sound out with the booming rhythm section of Portland’s finest, Kevin Sandri and Brian Bagdonas.

Gabrielle Macrae; Fiddle, banjo, guitar   Barry Southern;  Banjo, fiddle, guitar   Brian Bagdonas; Bass  Kevin Sandri; Guitar

Having formed a strong musical bond right off the bat when they met at a music festival in England in 2012 they have since been delighting traditional music fans in the UK and America with recent performances at the Portland Old Time Gathering, The Olympia Old Time Festival, The Boise Hermit Music Festival, The Gainsboro Old Time Festival, and many other venues across the northwest United States and in England.

The Horsenecks, with their self-titled debut album have shown the West Coast Traditional Music scene that they are a force to be reckoned with. All of the contributors on the album are standout musicians in their own right, and Macrae and Southern are no exception. When I saw their performance at the 2015 Portland Old Time Gathering I was blown away by their versatility, subtlety, and drive. You should expect to be nothing less that blown away by this outstanding album.

-Daniel Gerrard, Trad Nation

…I have discovered that this Cd is one that gets better the more you hear it and I am totally hooked on it now. It has something for everyone with the hard driving dance tunes like “Kansas City Reel” and “Altamont” that make you want to get out of your seat, the bluegrass songs with their warm vocal harmonies and on every track their talent is self evident. There is great version of Trevor Stuart’s “Henry King’s Reel” and a very different gentle version of “Asheville Junction”. I could ramble on at length about all the tracks, but would probably get stamped on by the editor. Gabrielle’s fiddle playing has a real energy and a complexity that is stunning, and she plays a mean banjo herself on “Standing on a Mountain” by the Delmore Brothers, which is really beautiful. The two gorgeous tunes that Gabrielle has written feel as though they’ve been around forever and probably will be. Barry’s banjo style is jaw dropping whether he is playing the open back banjo and clawhammer style to produce melodic and mellow tones or the bluegrass picking style, which delivers a more energetic and lighter sound. They are accompanied on most tracks by a solid bass rhythm by Brian Bagdonas and Jamie Herrmann and guitar by Kevin Sandri and Joanna Macrae… To sum up, this is one CD that will sneak up and grab you, so don’t miss it. Gabrielle and Barry will be at the FOAOTMAd old Time Festival, Gainsborough in February 2016 so come along. I am really looking forward to hearing them live…”

-Sue Rooke

OLD TIME NEWS No. 84 Winter 2015-16

I went down to the Muddy Rudder Pub here in Portland, Oregon, last night and listened to The Horsenecks. Gabrielle Macrae is one of the three Macrae Sisters and she was playing with Barry Southern and Alan Wright from Liverpool’s Loose Moose String Band. Was it ever a good show! They played a lot of old time, a little early country, and a few bluegrass and British songs for good measure. Gabrielle played fiddle most of the night with a little banjo thrown in. Barry switched effortlessly between clawhammer banjo, Scrugg’s style banjo, old time fiddle, and guitar. Alan provided rock solid guitar backup and great vocals on the British songs. Gabrielle’s fiddling has been steadily getting stronger over the last few years. I’m convinced the old time fiddle players on FHO are going to be talking a lot about Gabrielle in the years to come.

-Scott Killops, Portland Old Time Guru